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April 28, 2009

Welcome to birthnavigator’s blog. We are educating men about childbirth and pregnancy as we have found that most men have little socialization, education and life experiences with which to draw upon when facing such a prominent life experience.

Recently a report documented that 90% of relationships soured after the birth of a child. Why is that? We could postulate various reasons, but one which is often overlooked is the unmet expectations women have in birthing in America. Men are out of touch with that subject and therefore need to know what their duties and responsibilities are in a pregnancy and childbirth to be a stronger support for their partners. No longer can men sit back and apathetically or ignorantly state “birth is a woman’s business.”

If you are a woman and have something to say to men about this topic, please comment.

If you are a man and would like more information please look for the BirthNavigators web site.

Let’s begin talking about what men and women think about childbirth and how it is handled in the United State.

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