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Vacuum of knowledge for men

February 10, 2010

Men out there went through a vacuum in knowledge after a generation of men were excluded from birth in America. The vacuum is still having a serious affect on society, but there is hope. My generation went to birth, and we are teaching our sons what to expect. Still this isn’t a topic discuss at the dinner table, but it is a topic now, not something that was dropped off at the nursery.
Grasping hold of that knowledge, men have been empowered, and many have learned new ways. No longer are men the breadwinners and disciplinarians only. They are talking active part in their kid’s lives. The profound adjustment from a society with the 50’s lifestyle and mindset, has radically changed the environs and attitudes of men.
Still something tells me that many men are still asking for advice from other men and not finding their scant knowledge valuable or even worse they find the information shared is flippant or degrading. But isn’t that the way all subjects are? Some care and some don’t. When someone shows a negative attitude about a topic avoid them.
The purpose of my writing this blog and my book is to get men to learn about birth, and to be prepared. Men need advice and this is a place to share that advice. Other place where you might find a portion of needed information will be from professionals, but when money is involved, you will get biased information from them. They can’t speak against their wallets without jeopardizing their gravy train.
Would you ask a used car salesman about which car to buy. Only fools ask the very people who have money to gain in giving them advice. Worse yet are politicians who tell the people one thing and do whatever their contributors (big ones at that) wanted all along.
My hope is to help build a generation of men who will be able to teach the next the significance of childbirth for men and the women they love.

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