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Alien Birth Experiences and Such

February 11, 2010

The closet I’ve gotten to alien encounters is in the birth of my children. The womb and the delivery, the placenta and the umbilical cord, can feel something like out of District 9. The whole thing is rather foreign, gooey and stressful, especially on your first birth. That is because most men have no personal experience with birth before they attend one their own child’s birth. Because most moms aren’t birthing at home in front of the children, kids grow up without any social experience.
When women birth in hospitals, the experience can be even more foreign to men as most of the help in the hospital are strangers, and the doctor is usually not in the building most of the labor. Machines are pulled out and hooked up to your mate. The technology isn’t explained, so it’s alien too. Many women hate the electronic fetal monitor as it restricts them, and men gravitate to looking at birth as if their mates were birthing machines. The readout is something active and may interest men, but actually the readout is a serious distraction to women who want their mate’s constant attention.
Without solid training, most guys are bored quickly with the long hours and the constant standing. They will look for other distractions like television. Especially enticing are cell phones and other electronic gear. These only place men in a position of feeling out of place. They know their mates want their attention, but they really don’t have too much to keep their attention. Men will want to be engage in something. Birth is not something most men are fond of and something that captures men’s attention.
Though men want to be part of the birth, most are not prepared for the type of service they sign up for. Rose St. John wrote a work titled, “Father at Birth” for those men who want to play doula. My opinion is that only a small percentage of men are capable of being anyone’s doula. I always suggest hiring a doula. Read her book if you want to fill those shoes.
What is your experience? Are you facing your alien encounter with proper training? Will you be focused on your mate or will you bore quickly during a long labor? First labors are usually the longest and can take more than 24 hours.

Now strictly for entertainment: Alien Birth in Movies (incomplete)
District 9: discussion of making the movie.
Alien 3: The Dive (birth of an alien)
Further developing the theme of alien birth, you find a nice commentary on the metaphor of birth.
Lastly an interesting series of birth hoaxes and stories about strange births:
picture of an alien

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