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Replace Typical Men

February 12, 2010

In “How Men Really Feel about Pregnancy and Fatherhood” by Kevin Klein on the web site

Picture of a "Typical Guy"The author speaks to how men feel about birth. He writes “the typical man views pregnancy and pregnant women as crises best approached with advice, facts, and humor.” This is only true if the guy is “un or under” educated about birth. The goal here is to change that in society.

His piece mentions how men are filled with fear, and that should be the case because most America guys know absolutely nothing. That is what I’ve been saying, yet all that needs to really change.

And… if that changes, do you think men will not want to see the over-medicalized birth replaced with the more naturalistic approach. Why shouldn’t that happen now? Maybe because men are used by the medical establishment to keep women in their place. It is a known fact that many medical people use the ignorant male as a lever, a fear fulcrum, if you will, to get the laboring women to give up her “trial of labor” for the a tribulation of induction and other interventions, often resulting in a surgical birth. “You don’t want to watch her suffer anymore now, do you?”

Let us work together to get men educated, and for them to be used to protect a woman’s right to a saner birth!

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