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Building Birth Awareness — the cause?

April 21, 2010

Ladies and Gents, is it any wonder that men have strange feelings about attending a childbirth?

The emotions involved are such a strange mix that guys can become overwhelmed.  The time involved and the inability to make something happen, makes you understand what obstetrics has chosen to force birth and for some doctors to suggest that all births should be surgical.  The more time the more anxiety.

The big lie taught is that childbirth is a medical event.  Add the apprehension and the emotion on a guy, and you can see why guys get extremely uncomfortable with the whole situation.

As I have said, often and clearly, the lack of socialization to birth is a big problem.  The men I grew up with learned near to nothing from our father’s generation.  Birth was never even mentioned in my home — not once.

I’ve heard nurses who work in the “Birth Machine” that an educated Dad is a dangerous Dad.  Anytime I think about that, it makes me realize we have a huge battle ahead for men.  They may be allowed in the birthing room, but do they know what the heck is going on?  Do they realize that the c-section rate is unquestionably to high and the those surgeries are (1) more costly than a vaginal birth, and (2) that many procedures are done for the convenience of their highly paid physician.

Heck the nurses are the ones in the hospital doing all the work.

Now don’t get me wrong.  I realize that many of you would not set foot in a hospital, but my work is to address the men still wandering like zombies into that mess.  They are uninformed about the consequences of having a birth in the clutches of the birth machine.

Men do not know that they are participating knowingly or not to the furtherance of the medical establishment who uses equipment, procedures and protocols that are inherently not based on evidence based scientific practice.  I believe most women are better off birthing in the taxi on the way to the hospital – probably less staff germs there too.

My question to you midwives and doulas is how can we get these uneducated men (and women) out of harm’s way?  How can we better establish an educated populace?   We need to turn the tide and create a saner world for birth in the United State, and the rest of the world, as a matter of truth.

What awareness events and publicity is going to make the difference?

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