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The Blues and Childbirth

April 22, 2010

Blue Period Picasso painting

Blues. Some people play them.  Funny thing that we like those songs of depression.  But childbirth can , and more than most know, a period of sadness for women after they have given birth.  Blue is a powerful emotion, and you should be aware that your mate may have a wonderful birth experience and still have the blues afterwards.  Estimates range from 12-16 percent.  Depression can also affect men – especially first time fathers.  For women, the studies have shown that the significant change in hormone levels that follows a birth experience but hormone therapy has not been shown to be effective.  What does help is support groups and counseling.

I am writing this not having experienced this in my relationship, but it is something that others can probably add a word of wisdom to.  Feel free to comment.

I can tell you that I went through a depressed time in my life recently due to the death of my daughter, and I know how crushing events in life can be.  For me, getting up and focusing on projects and work helps pull me to.  You may have a hobby or routine you really enjoy, or your mate may, so touching upon those favorite memories and activities can help too.

For the musical and artistic, you may find that a blue period will take you into a new creative vein, such as writing a new song, or painting a new painting.  If you or your better half need help – get it!

Blue Music:

Another Blue period painting by picasso

Jackson Browne’s Your Bright Baby Blues

Badfinger:  Baby Blue

Ella Fitzgerald:  Blue Skies

Mayer Hawthorne’s version of ELO’s Mr. Blue Sky

Sha Na Na:  Blue Moon  Flip Wilson Show (corny)

Elton John:  Blue Eyes

Eiffel 65:  Blue

Barbara Streisand:  People (what you need when blue is support)

Paul McCartney:  Two Fingers (interview – inspired by painting from Picasso’s blue period)

Picasso’s Blue Period

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