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Alien Views American Birth

April 27, 2010

Birth on Earth is out of this world

In Venetian sector 7 of the Cosmo’s Milky Way the governing body of Judnappa convenes its counsel on its observation of Earth.  The inhabitants of Judnappa are preparing for an opportunity to make contact with Earth, and for the past several months have been deploying investigators to observe  life customs of the creatures’  on Earth.  The counsel has received briefings over the last weeks regarding Earth’s means of communication, how the creatures travel over the planet, and their means of recreation.

Today the counsel sits poised to hear Julia Menteros report on Birth on the planet Earth.  Rumor has it that Menteros suffered much emotional anxiety during the course of her investigation.  When she was deployed her understanding was that she was about to cover one of a planet’s greatest treasures the welcoming of their newest citizen’s.  She was anticipating a pleasant assignment and in no way was prepared for the gross disparity she witnessed in her investigation of how planet Earth supports the birth process.  Menteros has returned stunned and saddened leaving many of the counsel anxious to hear the details of her report.

Julia Menteros begins her briefing regarding the area of the creatures reproducing.  “Most disconcerting is that committees and panels of business professionals deciding where birth takes place.  The creatures themselves have a limited understanding of how their bodies operate and are driven to seek out Birth Engineers.  Birth Engineers design birth from my observation in a counter intuitive way.    Many of these specialists that the creatures access to manage birth are themselves the opposite sexual species of the creature giving birth.  On one account of my period of observation I viewed a Birth Engineer directing a birthing creature not to give birth in the posture of being on there hands and knees stating that the creaturelet, that they refer to as babies cannot come out that way, that the baby can only come out when the birthing earthling is lying on her back.”

Ms. Menteros continued, “for all the outstanding advancements, and the technology that Earth enjoys and with the highest center of industry and metropolitan the experience of birth in Industrialized Mecca’s is beyond words.  Technology is being applied incorrectly.  Parties with no association whatsoever to the creatures reproducing determine when, where and how birth occurs.  While the creatures themselves have limited understanding of their birth process and can be and are easily manipulated for profit by the Birth Engineers.  All of this and more makes birth on Earth at the industrialized mecas dangerous.  My conclusion is that Earth needs to see a revolution in birth and that the creatures need to take birth back.”

Genny White

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