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The Root of Evil causing the C-section problem

May 24, 2010

How Doctors Get Rich from Birth

When science (medicine) reports something that is not even close to reality, you can bet it is due to the root of all evil: MONEY!  This is true for the Birth Industry in the United States where birth is managed to make money.  First of all hospitals are no in business to provide care free of charge.  They want to make money.  And with birth they make plenty of it!

Controlling birth using chemicals, drugs, and procedures that rush childbirth, inevitable causes more c-sections and costs to rise per birth.  Using every technology available, allows a hospital to bill the insurance for those costs, and make birth more profitable.  Studies show that when a woman has poor insurance, that they will be delivering more often vaginally.  The women who have good insurance face more interventions more often.

There are several factors which make birth profitable.  If you looked at birth as a means to make money you would make sure you followed the following rules:

More technology, less staff.

It costs more money to man a birth suit.  Today one nurse is assigned multiple birthing suites at one time.  They EFM is used constantly even though there are no studies showing this is in any way a better for of care.

More surgery and less time for “trials of labor.”

Studies show that birth in a hospital is more frequently going to occur Monday through Friday, 9 am to 5pm.  Ever wonder is inductions and c-sections were connected to this fact?

No trials of labor for women who previously delivery through c-section.

Why should they want you to have a vaginal birth.  A c-section earns the hospital more money, and allows them to charge insurance for many more services – these are covered by your plan.  The more things they can charge for the more services you will get.  This ruling was based on fearing higher mortality rates, because doctors were giving inductions to women with previous c-sections – and the inductions caused uterine rupture – resulting in deaths.  Da!  The misuse of inductions by doctors caused the problem, not the trial of labor.  Now women are being held in a no win situation.  They want vaginal births and are not given the option by hospitals.  Wrong, wrong wrong!  EVIL!

More c-sections

The c-section rate going up has followed the rise in costs associated with childbirth.  The average obstetrician earns $275,000 a year.  They are trained to do surgeries.  Some ob/gyns have never attended a live birth in their career.  Some have stated that they are proponents of making all women have c-sections.  They make more money for themselves and the hospitals where they work by doing more surgeries.  What’s wrong with this picture?

Hospitals are run as profit making ventures not social services!  I took the following from Of Belly Strips and Birth: What Exactly Are We Advancing?

This is all to say that any medical advancement, when thrown into a health care system that values profit over health, a system dictated by insurance companies, should not be assumed to be helpful or even safe without constant monitoring and frequent investigation into why it’s being used – and how….

If you have excellent insurance, you will find yourself seeing a great deal of interventions once you get to a hospital and the ”trial of labor” is moving slowly.  Expect to have a real trial if you go to the hospital less than 5 centimeters dilated.    Remember the longer you are in the hospital the sooner the hospital starts losing money on your birth.  They will start suggesting induction, epidural, drugs, etc. as soon as possible to insure you birth within their time frame.  As any doula about that, and they can tell you what really goes on.

But, there are alternatives to birthing within the established protocols of medicine.  I believe that the most important aspect of birthing a baby is the environment you birth in.  Choosing the right people and place for the birth can change how your outcome is entirely.  Birth is affected by the emergency procedures and protocols that hospitals run as norms.  A birth outside of a regular hospital will certain have lower c-section rates and use of interventions.

If you brought midwives in to the hospital scene, you would make less money for the hospital, the c-section rate would go down, and women would have better outcomes.  If you don’t believe that hospitals are more out to make money than to provide quality health care, then what are the rates for child and mother mortality rates going up?

If you are a man and care about your coming child, then you need to read between the lines and be concerned for the childbirth experience other than what insurance you carry.  Modern medicine is not doing the job they could be doing because they are too focused on what they can bill your insurance provider.  I say it is time that birth returned to sanity.

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