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The Heart of a Father

May 11, 2011

Heart of the Father

Fatherhood is a serious trial for men.  But for those men out there who haven’t had any children, and for those of you who are about to become fathers for the first time, then you have the opportunity to take the first step toward being a great dad.

It all starts with loving the mom.

If you have that down, you have done a great deal to secure your name on the trophy of fatherhood.  Childbirth and  pregnancy are sometimes a most stressful and straining part of a relationship.  Many folks have written on that, telling you why and how.  Their pieces always focus on the strains placed on a relationship.  They also say that most romantically formed relationships falter after the honeymoon phase (around 4 to 5 years).  Having a child in that time period can push couples over the edge.

I’ve had many single moms tell me that they first realized that their relationship with their child’s father evaporated during this time period;  some said that they realized their relationships died during a very unsupported childbirth and pregnancy.  Sometimes women stay with a man just to hope to provide a stable place for their children to be born, only to realize that by the man’s actions he is showing his lack of commitment.

So if you are a dad then  step up.  Childbirth and pregnancy are the first tests of fatherhood.  Pass those steps, and you will have told the mother of our child that you truly love her.  Being there to support a childbirth is an amazing experience, and one I’ve treasured all my life.  Being a father is really best celebrated on mother’s day.  Trust me, getting some golf balls on father’s day is not the real gift, it is having those children born to you through that mother.  They are your legacy and your pride and joy.  Love that mom up each and every day.

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