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The Mother Problem

May 25, 2011

The Mother Problem

When I was a young woman (last week), no, after Phillip and I had married, I received a gift with a card from one of my Mother’s matronly friends.  Included in the card was a note that stated how very brave she thought me to be for becoming a wife. Five years later after the birth of our first child another gift arrived with another card congratulating us, and once again telling me how very brave she thought me to be for now becoming a Mother.

Years have passed and I now see the Mother Problem. Everything that goes wrong in our society is because of the mother. If a woman works diligently and utilizes her God-given talents in a professional sphere, the child’s rebelliousness is because of the lack of attention that their mother provided for them during their formative years. If a Mother has the courage to sequence her life in order to be in the home for the children, the financial challenges and her lack of employment is the reason why the offspring are troubled. Everything comes back to because of the Mother.   And in the rare occurrence that it is not the Mother Problem: the man is a SOB or a bastard: you get it it still points back at the mother.

If by chance the Mother has done all to her best to possibly be there for her children what does she profit?  When they become adolescents and need to strike out on their own and mark their own territory, who is the recipient of belligerence and thanklessness?  You guessed it, Mother, for she has woven a safety net so fine that when the adolescent needs to vent they are confident that they can vent on her and still retain her love and support.  Yep, we certainly have a Mother Problem in this society.

And if you think that we have a Mother Problem, we have not even began to scratch the surface on what it means to be a Father here and now. Gone are the days of deferring to the Father, reverencing him and honoring him. Everything is going up except his wages. We as a society are too busy making him the butt of all our jokes and using his position in every sitcom and commercial to be the proverbial buffoon. No wonder we are in the mess we are in.

Ann Nelson was right: anyone who is a wife and or mother is very brave. So much rides on our shoulders the very moral fibers of our basis as a society, and there are so little discernible accolades for our efforts. Every Mother out there endeavoring to raise decent human being and every Father involved with the training and rearing of his children are true American Heroes! Yes, Miss Nelson we are all brave.

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  1. Janice Cox permalink
    May 25, 2011 8:54 pm

    Very true observation. It is amazing how well our kids turn out with such “questionable” mothers and fathers. (smile)

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