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Honor, Duty and Service to Home and Country

May 30, 2011

This is Memorial Day, May 30, 2011.  Memorial Day just happens to fall on May 30th this year.  It is the fourth Monday in the month of May.  However there is some push to make May 30th always and officially Memorial Day.  May 30th is also our anniversary.  Among visiting graves of our fallen veterans and listening to inspiring messages about the Honor Duty and Service of our nation’s service members. It is recommended that we as a nation observe a moment of silence today at 3:00 PM local time.

I am convinced that what makes a nation great and a marriage endure are the same things commitment to honor, duty, service and ideals beyond one self.  Memorial Day is a day of remembrance for all service members who have given their life in service to our country.  These individuals were willing to pay the ultimate price to protect the collective values we know as the “American Wayof Life.”  There is a war in our society today being waged right here on our own soil, and it is a war on the American Family and on Marriage.  Truly more than ever we need to take some notes from our disciplined troops and apply them to our homes and hearths.  See the larger mission, look out for your fellow platoon members above yourself; protect the mission.  Keep your helmet on when you are at war!  Listen to what your commanding officer has said and apply it to your life and whatever situation you may find yourself in.

Our veterans spilt their blood and had there lives snuffed out in the pursuit of protecting the American values.  We as citizens should continue the good fight and keep the values of America for family, home, marriage and not let the internal enemies of what we value be undermined by those of perverse minds and hearts.

What would you be willing to expend your  life for?  Would you die to uphold the rights of gays to have their unions blessed by the state?  Would you stand up for lesbian adoption?  Would you venture to uphold the liberties of child pornographers?  Would the echelons of decorated war veterans still wish to live in a country when what is vile presumes to hold their perversity as a God-given right.  Yes, the war of culture is on.  Though a quarter of a million troops are out there in a war on terror, the real battle is right at the door step.  Americans need to voice their opinions on these matters and throw out  the leaders who undermine the whole reason soldiers have died to protect American values.

It truly appears that the leaders of this country have lost connection to these values.  They fight wars to insure we have access to cheap oil.  The spend billions to bail out corporations that pay their media bills each election.  How many of our soldiers have died in vain, upholding these economic values over the true liberties Americans died for in the past.  On this Memorial Day, and during this moment of silence, my prayers and thoughts are for those who will stand against the tide of wickedness in America.  Think about the concepts of honor, duty and service.  These are the values of Americans.

Phillip & Genny White

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