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Induction Seduction

June 16, 2011

Induction Seduction

Phillip White

When women tell me that they are going to have an induction, I think to myself, why in the world would someone choose an induction.  Well many women do, according to an article I read, in 2008 55% of women were having elective inductions.  I pondered the reasons, and it occurred to me.  It was the curse.  You know the original curse set by God on women for eating from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.   Whether you believe in the curse, there are some psychological bits that come from it that make a lot of sense and explain why women would choose elective caesarian sections, inductions, and all the rest of the bag of tricks that obstetricians offer women.

Let’s look at the seduction involved.  Satan, the one who wanted to be God, the one who hated mankind and wanted to destroy it, offers a simple lie to Eve.  He says that God just doesn’t want man to be powerful like him and that the fruit brings wisdom.   The idea is that evil incarnate wants to offer Godlike  power to women.  What could be more Godlike then choosing the date your child will be born.  You steal directly from  fate’s hand, prying that child right out of destiny’s grip.

Women get very anxious about bearing children near the later couple of months.  How inordinately uncomfortable is bearing the weight of the baby and baby’s life support is on a women.  She has to make so many trips to the potty.  Clothing is more like tents then clothes. She aches, she is stretched and pulled out of her shape.  Many women do not think themselves attractive but rather hideous especially if they have a vanity streak running through their being (Though it is my opinion that a women can look no more womanly then when she is ripe with child).

The curse that God gave women was to have pain in childbirth, so much of what has happened in birth in America is centered around reducing or eliminating that pain.  The pain meds and the epidurals, these are specifically to eliminate the pain.  No wonder medicine offers elective c-sections.  Then a woman won’t have pain in childbirth, AND she can choose the date the baby is born, thwarting both God and fate with one fell swoop.  (Henci Goer has much to say on the topic of induction.)

But is that really what is going on?  Are the women choosing this or are they being seduced?  According to the dictionary, beyond the sexual temptation, seduction is about being charmed.  Are doctors selling induction to women, and if they are what do they gain from charming women into agreeing with elective induction?  Doctors gain control.  They gain control of the birth.  They get the women’s bodies to conform to their bidding, their timing.  Now I quote from the article (see induction link above):

But the choice to schedule labor has as much to do with physician schedules as it does with their patients preferences. It’s a big help to physicians to be able to organize their work schedules around civilized hours instead of getting the midnight call, in spite of the fact that the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists discourages elective induction except when it’s medically necessary. Certainly, a cursory web search brings up plenty of pages indicating that induced labor is perfectly safe; but dig a little deeper and a world of proven risk factors appears — enough to provoke the FDA and the Physician’s Desk Reference to discourage voluntary induction.

See the vast majority of babies are born from 9 to 5 Monday through Saturday.  This is perfectly understandable for professionals to want and control their hours of work.  When my wife was delivering babies, what a mess it made for the schedule at home.  Never knew when she was going to be called out in the middle of the night, and to return some many hours later.  Then she would have her sleep cycle all in a twist.  This is the reason for the snakes to slither down the tree and tell the women, yes, you can control exactly when you have the baby and we can fill you up with drugs so you don’t have to bear the curse of pain in childbirth.  But in truth those doctors just want a sane schedule.  They intend no harm, but they have a golf foursome schedule for 8 am Saturday morning, and they will induce that birth on Friday so they can tee it up on time – don’t stand in the way of a doctor and 18 holes.  That is the truth behind the Induction Seduction.

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