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Mans view of baby’s growth (w/picts)

September 15, 2011

4 weeks    size of the font used to print serial numbers on the back of your stereo equipment
5 weeks    size of a deer tick…..without the legs
6 weeks    size of birdshot used in a shotgun shell
7 weeks    size of baby  toe  
8 weeks    size of the head of a lug nut on your tire (compact car, not truck)
9 weeks    Size of the chalk cube used to chalk up the end of your pool cue ( a used one……not a brand new one out of the box)
10 weeks    the size of a small amperage power drill chuck.
11 weeks    a matchbox car
12 weeks    small tweeter on a high end set of harman kardon speakers.
13 weeks    a crawdad, minus the pinchers
14 weeks  the head off one of the Rock-em-Sock em robots
15 weeks    a harmonica
16 weeks    a plumb bob but not as pointy on the end (unless that runs in the family)
17 weeks    Toilet float ball for a regular sized toilet, not an energy efficient sized tank.
18 weeks    The head of croquet mallet
19 weeks    Remember that time you got kicked in the knee and it filled up with fluid and the doctor had to stick a needle in it?  Yeah that big!
20 weeks  Riser pipe for a backyard sprinkler. 3/4 inch pipe, not 1/2 inch.
21 weeks    Cleats for a 6thgrader– just one, unless you’re having twins
22 weeks    a carburetor out of a mid-sized Ford (family not muscle)
23 weeks    a ground squirrel
24 weeks    twenty feet of 1/2 inch rope wrapped utility style.
25 weeks    a gopher but with less hair
26 weeks    Remember that 14 inch trout you caught at the reservoir?  About that big…..although, I’m just guessing here as none of us ever really saw that fish.
27 weeks    A partially deflated basketball
28 weeks    A fully inflated football….with legs.
29 weeks    A kettlebell but not as heavy
30 weeks    Remember that basketball?  Find the air pump and fill it up.
32 weeks    A small tackle box. The kind with rounded corners, you got from your dad when you were a kid.
34 weeks    The size of your great aunt Hilda’s miniature schnauzer.
36 weeks    About as big as the head of a full sized American Pit Bull
38 weeks    Canadian Goose without the feathers, legs, neck or head.  Something you’d be proud to have bagged.
after 40-42 weeks    Hopefully your kid will be in your arms, snuggling with you in the rocking chair by the fire – if it’s winter of course.This message was adapted from something Al Gunn, wrote.  His wife, Larilyn Meyer, who’s a nurse and a midwife working at  Denver Health on Labor and Delivery, posted it on facebook, and we, Birthnavigators, made a few edits and added all the pictures.  Al has a blog related to tech used in school.
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  1. September 15, 2011 5:14 pm

    I would eat it around week 15.

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