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Do men value the birth mother?

June 26, 2012

I recently read this little piece in The Atlantic, and wondered how many pregnant women may be walking around feeling guilty about their pregnancies and how that impacts their families.  I feel women have the hardest jobs in life, because they for the most part care for children.  Look at the amount of women who gravitate to careers as teachers and child care workers, and then look at how poorly they are paid.  This male dominated society does not value the work the vast majority of women do.

A woman who cares for a baby is much more valuable than a slugger hitting homers in the American League.  That million dollar batter does little to improve society.  But who can place a price tag on the mother?

When you stand back and look at the crumbling landscape for American families, does it make you wonder why single parent families have serious trouble raising kids, for the care and concern for kids is often placed second to working to make a living.  It is also appalling to know that many in the foster care world do it solely for the money — the kids are devalued, neglected or worst abused.

Men need to value mothers more.  They barely even find the time to do something nice for their own mothers, and really ought to learn to celebrate they wholesomeness that their mom’s presence was in their life.  When men don’t value their partners, and their children, they really don’t value themselves.  Family should do something to men, for if they loved their mates and their kids, they would value the time spent in raising a child.

As we at a place that couples can’t live without two salariesHave modern mothers been placed into a trap?  I wonder if men are more concerned with their family’s income then its health.  But they walk a fine line.  Can a family actually live off one salary anymore?  Probably, if that salary is a professional one such as a banker, lawyer, surgeon or university professor makes.  This is a big question that hits home for families, even if they are just starting out.

My point is that men should not devalue their mates or spouses because they choose to stay home and take care of that little precious child.  What, are they going to stay home and be mom?  What is the value of a mom?  How can you count the value added to your life guys?

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