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Quilted memories

December 21, 2012

Men out there, including me,  barely understand some things that the opposite sex do.  They don’t understand how women live in the emotional world.  Men have learned that emotions are weaknesses.  Men don’t like sentimentality for the same reason.  Mix a major event of huge emotional value with an object of beauty, and you have a seriously confusing item, which smarter men will learn the value of.

There are times in my relationship with my wife that I have ventured in to corners of things she has held on to.  Collection of junk, methinks, but ignorant of the meanings attached to the object.

Recently she stuffed and old ripped up blanket (see below) and stuffed it into a large shopping bag.  The blanket was our daughter’s.  I would have thrown it out.  It was shredded in places, with the thin white stuffing sticking out. They say that children’s cells are found floating in their mother’s brains, so this may be an explanation of why they hold on to things their children have possessed.

Birth is a time of great emotional value, and objects associated with it are things men should learn to cherish.  A baby’s first blanket, the gown the mother wore at the birth, a water bottle she drank from, music that was playing, only she will know.  But as she attaches the sentiment, you’ll have to ask her what matters, and not just right away, so save everything for her to make the decision on what is of value.  Just value her need to feel affirmed.  If you do that, then she will attach more value to you.

Quilted memories

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