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Peddling Books on Childbirth is a Lonely and Sometimes Life Threatening Endeavor

August 18, 2014

By Genny White

Peseverence    I will not grow discouraged being the clarion of the message that Men must understand the significance of the childbearing experience to themselves, their partners, and for their families and generations to come. I co authored the book Men at Birth with my husband along the premise that Men would feel honored to have the most feminine of all experiences pregnancy, childbirth, and the postpartum adjustment conveyed to them in terms a man is more comfortable with. Here Birth Navigators was launched and we went to work articulating the pinnacle of one of a woman’s most intimate experience the childbearing year through the goggles of an aviator’s lens. Childbirth was broken down into comparisons in similarity of what was necessary to execute a successful military sortie.    BN 8I found the material rich and rewarding. It cultivated dialog between partners as to what lay ahead for their own birth and postpartum journeys.

You may find purchasing information for Men at Birth here:

I have to say I have been disappointed in how slowly progress has been made, and in the thus far seeming lack of enthusiasm for this project. cover advers These things have been made more painfully aware to me by incidents occurring this week. People do not want to hear the message that consideration of the location of where birth occurs influences the latitude of which their preferences will be acknowledged, honored and respected. I exist in a society where many are complacent to pass over the responsibility of their birth experiences to entities and institutions that do not forbear to the significance of the rites of passage that birth heralds. Ostrich head

This week I lost a fb friend because I shared these truths with her, and I guess she was not ready to receive these truths. I had another alienating experience earlier this summer when apparently a miscommunication occurred between myself and an individual I was under the illusion of was a friend. It was regarding making available books to sale at one of her events, when she determined that she would not be making any items available for sale to participants of her event. With respect to this past friend she herself may have been under constraints due to agreements made in choosing her location. Still it was a tough blow for me that I was not expecting, and I was truly disappointed.

No Book Sales Allowed

No Book Sales Allowed

However nothing could compare to my most recent experience in peddling the words Phillip and I have penned about childbirth. It had come to my attention that a neighbor who lives in a second story level apartment was pregnant. This neighbor is a unique individual, and I have not always seen eye to eye with her. Something about I being a Bitch, because I would not transport her younger brother to school along with my own children without speaking with his parents first.  So, as you might imagine there had not been any dialog since her uttering the B word in regards to yours truly. One morning recently I sat reading the Psalms and came across the verse about dwelling at peace with your neighbors. My heart was pricked thinking of Kathy here I had all this knowledge to share with her, and I could be a support to her in one of the most trying times of a woman’s life it truly seemed regrettable that the wall of silence still existed.

Wall of Silence

Wall of Silence

I reasoned I would remedy it by taking Kathy a copy of our book. It appears as if they will be moving soon, so I decided I would make my move. I got a copy of our childbearing book and took it to her. I ascended the steps to her apartment and rang the doorbell. When Kathy came to the door, I looked at her face and smiled saying “I don’t know if you know that Phillip and I wrote a book about Childbirth or not, but I thought you might enjoy having a copy, and handed it to her.     smile

Knife It was only then when my focus went from her face to her hand that I saw that she was brandishing a butcher knife pointed at my ribs about to flail me open. Kathy nimbly placed her hand forward as I handed her the book. I turned around and went down the stairs trying to wrap my head around what had just transpired. It came into comprehension  about the time my foot hit the last step and from there I sprinted back to my house and stood there shaking in my shoes.


I had no idea, that when I began this journey of peddling works on childbirth that it would be such a lonely and life threatening venture!

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  1. August 18, 2014 10:40 pm

    The Pen is still mightier than a kitchen knife.

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