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Parenting First Rule: No princes and princesses

March 6, 2016

Love is a stupid affair, and can lead to people treating people better than they deserve. When people are put on too high of a pedestal they can become narcissistic and even diabolical.  When our little munchkins are born, we bring them up in a world that is hard and where we have to take responsibility for our actions.  Life is not handed to us on a silver platter, so why should we hand the world to our children on a silver platter.  This is a very important message before you go off and raise an innocent child and they grow up to be monsters.

trump entitlement

Trump the Entitlement King

Unless you are, of course, filthy rich, Donald-Trump’s children, then you have to make sacrifices to build a sugar feed,entitlement life for your sons and daughters. Two attitudes result:  the child believing they are better than everyone else, and their believing they deserve a good life without responsibility.

The world in which we live is filled with entitlement. From welfare recipients, to prisoners, to crooks and thieves, there is a common sense that the world owes them.

To be the best parent possible, and to reduce your children from growing up entitled, think about the metaphor: no dessert before you finish your vegetables. Or like in Pink Floyd’s song Another Brick in the Wall, “If you don’t eat yer meat, you can’t have any pudding.”

entitlement free kidsMany books have been written about parents teaching their kids  to avoid the sickness of entitlement. I suppose those parents who are entitled themselves could be blamed, but lazy parenting may also be at fault.  Also the whole of society teaches kids entitlement thinking so parents aren’t the only ones involved.  Heck kids teach kids as well.  We suggest the following book: The Entitlement-Free Child: Raising Confident and Responsible Kids in a “Me, Mine, Now!” Culture.

Nothing is worst than a spoiled child. And when that child becomes a teenager, oh my, my.  So be responsible now, and learn something about how to weed out these entitlement attitudes.  Be responsible and find ways on not making your sons into princes and your daughters in the princesses, or you will suffer the consequences.words_for_teenagers

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