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Controlling the dna code

May 25, 2016

Have you watched Code 46, a science fiction movie regarding the world order control of genetics?  I’ve been thinking of the profound changes people will have in society when the genome becomes controlled by a world order, or any human institution.

We already have social restrictions on proliferating the race (we are but one race).  The taboos actually have a reason behind them.  This is why we don’t allow incest.  The fact is that Oedipus Rex, relays that message across the centuries quite well, and scientific evidence shows what happens when we mate with our closest relatives.  So in ancient times we may as a race have learned what happens when we fix the genome for damaging results.  Duplicating genes that kill, maim, or destroy offspring.

I think that today as we move closer to the understanding the bad genes and how to avoid mating with someone with the same trait we also come close to falling into the choosing the “right” genes path.


WHAT do you think? Is that something we want.  To control for height, weight, hair texture, color, pigmentation, etc.  Or will people fashionably eliminate diversity eventually, and leave us weakened and sickly.

If you could chose the genome of your child, would you?  (Some people abort girls or boys already in the world in which we live.) Or is the mix enough of a risk, to make selecting our offspring’s genetics an exciting possibility, rather than a left-brained analysis?  Unnatural things must take place when we alter the types of genes that can move on in the evolution of man.

Maybe science will work on fixing broken genes instead.  Then are we safe from having mankind having that much power over the results of breeding?

Then there was money.

So will the elite get control over their offspring and create super babies, with perfect genes?  All things as they are in society, this seems to be the more realistic corruption.  The rich already have all the means at their disposal of controlling for a better outcome for their babies.  Better food, shelter, medical care, living environments, etc.

My vote is that we only try to fix genes when there are horrific outcomes when a couple makes their baby.  People should be tested for those weak genetic structures, but that we shouldn’t give people the option to trigger certain genes to breed greater this or that.  Is it too much power to give human bureaucracy, to dabble with what is and is not allowable? Mitigating a bad gene combo is good, but giving people the means to control for the diversity of their genes they carry seems to be a bad idea, leading to an eventual “no restrictions” control over gene splicing and fixing.

Cheaters are out there, and some will do anything to make their bodies stronger, their minds smarter, and their abilities better.  We see that all the time in sports where athletes cheat the system and use banded substances.  I surely don’t want to see that happen to human reproduction.  Can you see some scientist being paid under the table to improve somebodies child or my the government to make children stupid– or is the government funded schools doing that well enough?

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