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Flu Shots and Miscarriage

September 29, 2017

preparing flu shot injectionAdvice of doctors, CDC, and others for taking flu vaccine is relentless.  Flu shots are big business.  Revenue produced exceeds $1.61 billion (see article below if you want to learn the business of flue vaccines).  However, a recent study showed that miscarriages can be the result for some women when they take the flu shot while pregnant.

For years, studies do not suggest any problems with the flu vaccination for pregnant women, but the new findings were published in the journal Vaccine show that science is never done studying issues.  It’s the first study to identify a potential link between miscarriage and the flu vaccine and the first to assess the effect of repeat influenza vaccination and risk of miscarriage.

miscarraigeMake up your own mind.  Don’t be a dummy, the influence is seriously bad for babies and mom’s to be.  When a woman has a miscarriage, you as a man will feel the weight of that event too.  But so is the vaccine, according to a study that challenges years of reports stating the flu vaccine was save during pregnancy.

Remember doctors are not always up on the latest studies.  When they tell you “old school” advice, how would you know; you must stay informed yourself.  They may tell you something they’ve read 10 years ago.  The standard advice is that if a mother to be is injected with the flu vaccine, that it’s save, and that it promote immunity to the flu for the baby within.


Miscarriage effects 17% of men, causing them to fall into a depression.  This is especially significant if the pregnancy was planned.  So men be aware, that you mental health can take a blow if your baby is lost in a miscarriage.

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Link for the scientifically atuned:

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